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Meet Dr. Rosen


Hello all! This is Dr. David Rosen, the vein expert at Lakeview Dermatology. March means many things to many people: “march madness” with college basketball tournaments; spring break getaways; getting tax documents together…and you might not have known about this one…it is also “vein season”.

Vein season is the time of year when patients think about treating the varicose and spider veins that have bothered them for years. Many patients look to the summer months ahead…”shorts season” and wonder if it is possible to improve the feel and look of their legs and be able to get back into shorts and skirts more comfortably.
Vein Season
It’s absolutely possible…but it is a process.

That process begins with a consultation with me. During the hour-long visit, I get to learn about:
• Your medical history
• Any questions/concerns you may have regarding varicose and spider veins. I also spend a great deal of time doing what I love: teaching patients about vein disease!
• Your treatment goals.

If appropriate, I am able to perform a painless and very informative ultrasound exam to help discover any underlying sources for symptoms, varicose veins and spider veins. Once the ultrasound is completed, we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your specific needs. All treatments are performed in our Lakeview Dermatology offices: you can drive yourself to/from any treatment visit. There is no down time and few restrictions after treatments: most patients resume their normal routines immediately.


Many patients are also pleasantly surprised to learn that their consultation visit, ultrasound and many treatments may be covered by insurance, including Medicare! However, it is important to understand that coverage for treatments, when available, may require weeks to months to achieve.

That’s why it is so important to schedule your initial consultation visit with me as soon as possible. Let’s make this “vein season” the one that begins your journey towards “shorts season” and a life with happier, healthier legs!

Call 773-281-9200 now to schedule your appointment with me. See you soon!