A New Option for Treating Nail Fungus

Treating toenail fungus infections has long been frustrating  
for dermatologists and patients.

So far, the only Food and Drug Administration approved treatment consists of taking 
an oral medication like Lamisil (Terbinafine) for  2-3 months. A potential
side effect of Lamisil is that it may cause temporary liver toxicity. In fact, 
blood tests are neeeded before and one month after
starting the treatment. Sporanox (Itraconazole)and other drugs in its class 
are effective systemically, but they can interact 
with numerous other medicines making them potentially unsafe for many patients.

The clinical "cure" rate for patients on Lamisil is 38% versus 14% with Sporanox.

Topical treatments have failed so far having less than a 10% success rate.
A recent article in the Journal of the Academy of Dermatology (April 2013) 
describes the preliminary results of treatment with a relatively new topical 
antifungal: Efinaconazole. 

The results are not entirely in, as the study is not 
yet finished, but it may approach the clinical "cure" rate of Lamisil and Sporanox
with minimal side effects.

Efinaconazole is not yet available commercially, but it may become available 
within one year.

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