Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps (Pseudofolliculitis barbae) is a condition that largely affects African American men who shave. Growing a beard (Not using a razor) does not and cannot cause Razor bumps.

This condition is due to the fact that many African American men have tightly curled hair. In some cases, this can be hereditary (The father and the son, both have Razor Bumps).

In most cases razor bumps are seen on the face and neck, although sometimes they may occur on the scalp if the hair there is shaved.

In these areas, one sees dense or scattered groups of Papules (“Bumps”) and/or Pustules (“Pimples”) some of which can be excoriated and crusted.

The best treatment is avoidance of shaving, total or partial. In partial avoidance of shaving, the face and neck hair is allowed to grow for up to 4-5 mm above the skin, where it is then shaved with an electric razor or a blade “BUMP FIGHTER”.

Many well-groomed men who wear short beards may, in fact, have Pseudo folliculitis (Razor Burns).

In mild cases, oral Doxycycline can be a good anti-inflammatory drug and so can Nicotinamide in pharmacologic doses: 500 mg 3 times daily.

In severe cases, Laser Hair Removal can be very effective. At Lakeview Dermatology we use the ND YAG Laser.

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