MiraDry: No more excessive sweat with new procedure

Posted: Apr 28 2016 10:59PM EDT   Updated: Apr 28 2016 10:59PM EDT

We all do it. Some of us more than others.

Sweating’s a natural thing, but excessive sweating can be embarrassing and even stop you from living your life to its fullest.

Now, there’s a way to ditch your deodorants and your antiperspirants, for good.

Sweating is just part of being human, regulating your body’s temperature and keeping you cool. But, for some people it gets in the way of everyday life.

“I’ve tried everything from Drysol which is a prescription antiperspirant which really irritates the skin. It’s not so fun. It works. I’ve also tried Botox which is great and works but is temporary,” Christine Sharkey explained.

Christine has pulled out all the stops to just stop sweating.
“Once I hit puberty I felt like I always sweat a little too much,” Christine added.
“For the longest time, Botox was our only real good treatment for excessive sweating. But that was needles in the underarms. Some people would get needles in their hands if they were sweating,” plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Bucky said, “And you had to do it over and over again.” “And you had to do it over all over again.”

Enter MiraDry. One and done technology.

Dr. Louis Bucky says 80% of people can trash their deodorants and antiperspirants after just one treatment.
“We’re selectively microwaving the sweat glands—heating them up to a point where they’re not functional anymore,” Dr. Bucky explained.

Lidocaine injections numb the area while a template maps it out so the energy targets each spot precisely, with no overlap, and nothing missed. It takes about 30 minutes a side, and for women especially, this comes with one big extra. No more hair. It’s a two-fer.

Dr. Jonas Nelson is a University of Pennsylvania plastic surgery resident who just underwent the procedure. He’s one of the 20% that might have to do it twice to completely eradicate his underarm sweat.

“Just targeting those glands that tend to sweat a little bit more than others when you’re not working out or your just doing your normal everyday activities just really makes sense,” Dr. Nelson said, “You’re just going to sweat normally everywhere else and not sweat in those under arm areas.”

“We get responses back like ‘You’ve changed my life. Game changer, you know? And it’s very rewarding,” Dr. Bucky explained.

“To not worry about ‘Oh do I have deodorant with me?’ Or, you know, kind of always checking. It’s great,” added Christine.

Source: FOX 29

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