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September 2020 Specials at Lakeview Dermatology

Clear+Brilliant September Special Offer at Lakeview Dermatology

10% OFF Clear and Brilliant Packages (3 sessions in a package)

Clear and Brilliant packages (3 sessions in a package) are 10% off throughout the month of September! The Clear + Brilliant laser is an effective, proactive skincare regimen for helping maintain youthful-looking skin. Based on innovative fractional laser technology, Clear + Brilliant treatments are perfect for patients who want to refresh their look, help prevent the signs of aging and do all they can to keep their skin looking younger and more radiant. (Consultation is required, offer valid at all Lakeview Dermatology locations).

Glycolic and Salicylic acid peel package of 3 for $200

Glycolic and Salicylic acid peel packages of 3 for $200Summer sun, sweat and sunscreen can play a toll on our skin. During the month of September, Lakeview Dermatology is offering Glycolic and Salicylic acid peel packages for 3 for $200. Our providers will determine which peel is right for your skin needs. (Consultation is required, offer valid at all Lakeview Dermatology locations)

15% OFF All Avene Products

All Avene is 15% off throughout the month of SeptemberSeptember is healthy aging month! All Avene is 15% off throughout the month of September. Avene is infused with spring water, whose beneficial properties have been soothing and effective at relieving skin conditions for more than two and a half centuries. Ask your healthcare provider which Avene products are right for you. Offer valid at all Lakeview Dermatology locations.

September is Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month!
Our own senior physician assistant Jang Mi Johnson is going to introduce you to a Healthy Aging Skin Care Regimen.

Always start with a clean face – in the morning and at night. You can use a gentle cleanser like LVD Gentle Foaming Cleanser or LVD Clarifying Scrub.

Serums can be used in combination to address multiple causes of aging. Neo-Cutis BIO-GEL has growth factors. Growth factors help your skin “remember” how to be young whereas antioxidant rich products like skinbetter science Alto can help you combat environmental causes of aging such as free radicals, pollution and UV radiation.

Skin laxity is a common telltale sign of aging especially around the eyes. Peptide rich eye creams and serums like Revision D-E-J Eye help to tighten the thin skin around the eye at the layer where wrinkles began.

Sunscreen should always be worn every day and reapplied often. Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush is a versatile option because it can be worn over makeup or a non-makeup day.

Lastly retinoids help you reproduce collagen which in turn help you diminish fine lines and wrinkles. skinbetter science AlphaRet has a unique combination of retinoids and antioxidants that work relentlessly as you sleep.

Always remember that aging takes time and so does turning back the clock!

Video featuring Jang Mi Johnson, PA-C at Lakeview Dermatology.
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